Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rite Aid 9-19

*3 Huggies jumbo diapers
*1 Sunmaid Raisins
*1 Crest toothpaste

Total Cost: - $2.55

Total Out of Pocket: $16.45
Total Up Rewards Used: $0
Total Up Rewards Earned: $9.00
Total Single Check Rebates/Other Rewards Earned: $10.00



  1. I was so confused when I did this... they only gave me $2.00 in up rewards for the diapers... was I supposed to get more??

  2. $2 total? I got 3 $2 Up rewards for the Huggies. It wasn't supposed to print out 3 though - maybe it was a glitch that they fixed. The original deal was for just $2 back - the $10 gift card, which you will receive by mail later (you have to go to and enter your receipt info like you would for their rebate program) is where you really get the money back. Hope that helps! Let me know! :)