Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Walgreens 3-28

*2 Cottonelle 12 pk
*2 Dove Deep Conditioner
*7 Simply Saline
*6 Dulcolax Balance
*6 Walgreens One Daily For Men vitamins
*10 Dentek floss
*1 16 pk Duracell batteries
*6 index cards
*Easter candy
*2 bubble kits
*2 bubbles
*6 Easter plastic cups

Total Cost: Profit of $9.29
Total Out of Pocket: $8.71
Register Rewards Started With: $0
Register Rewards Earned: $18

I started with no register rewards, paid $8.71 cash, and now have $18 in register rewards. Essentially, I made a profit of $9.29 with this shopping trip.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

CVS 3-27

*4 Pampers Baby Dry diapers

Total - $13.96 = $3.49 per pack, that's just 10 cents per diaper!

CVS 3-27

*3 Air Wick iMotion
*1 Crest Pro Health mouth rinse
*3 Oral B indicator toothbrushes
*2 Colgate toothpaste
*2 CVS brand candy

Total - Free, with coupons and extra care bucks rewards!

Shaws 3-27

*18 No Yolk noodles
*3 Idahoan instant potatoes
*20 Ken's salad dressing
*24 cans of Dole pineapples
*1 Gold Medal flour
*1 Apple & Eve juice
*4 Land O Lakes real butter
*2 Land O Lakes spreadable butter
*9 Ziploc bags
*3 Reynolds foil
*4 Philadelphia cream cheese
*10 Bird's Eye frozen vegetables (not pictured)
*18 Reese's king size
*16 Snickers candy bars
*7 Trident Layers gum

Total Out of Pocket: $35.50
Savings: $293.80
Percentage Saved: 88%

Note: The following items were completely free with coupons: Ken's salad dressing, No Yolks noodles, Idahoan potatoes, Bird's Eye frozen vegetables, Reese's, Snickers, & Trident gum.

Here's a quick list for Shaw's sale flyer this week - good through Thurs, April 1st:
-Ken's Salad dressing $1.00 - use $1/2 or $1/1 (I ordered these online) to get these for 50 cents each or free
-No Yolks noodles $1.50 - use .75/1 (75 cents off one) coupons to get these free (75 cents coupon will be doubled to $1.50)- we use these for several of our regular meals, so I'll be stocking up on lots of these
-Bird's Eye frozen vegetables $1.00 - use .50/1 coupons to get these free (again double coupons)

*Check out the links on the side bar for places to order coupons if you are interested. When in doubt, ebay is always a good place to look, especially if the other clipping services are out of stock on a particular coupon.

Shaws 3-25

*2 McCormick Minced Onion spice
*12 Trident Layers gum
*12 Reese's King Sized
*24 Snickers candy bars
*6 Quaker Rice Snacks
*6 Barilla Pasta

Total Out of Pocket: $2.99
Total Savings: $80.18
Percentage Saved: 96%

Note: Snickers are on sale at Shaw's this week for 49 cents each. Use the .50/2 (fifty cents off two) coupons out there and you actually get a penny BACK for each candy bar!

Another Note: My total would have been 98 cents cheaper, but my kids were with me and one of my little helpers "helped" at the self check out (yes, say it with me "DON'T GO TO SELF-CHECK-OUT WITH THE KIDS AGAIN!) and rang 2 Snickers bars through twice (which I didn't realize until later at home), costing me an extra 98 cents. Still 98 cents for 12 Snickers isn't bad!

Shaws 3-20

Sorry no picture for this one - too much going on that day.

I bought:

*3 Edy's frozen Fruit bars
*2 quarts of fresh strawberries
*fresh tomatoes
*18 Quaker Rice Cakes packages
*3 Success Rice
*24 Barilla pasta, various kinds
*10 Barilla pasta sauce
*3 Doritos
*12 Trident Layers gum
*20 Snickers candy bars

Total Out of Pocket: $6.70
Total Savings: $170.11
Percentage Saved: 96%

Note: Some of this was outright free with double coupons - gum, candy bars, Quaker rice snacks, Barilla pasta. The rest of it was more than the $6.70, however I used $15 in catalinas earned from previous shopping trips and a $6 off $60 store coupon. This brought my total down to $6.70

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Extreme Couponing" on ABC Nightline

ABC did a segment on "Extreme Couponing" - check it out:


This is the kind of savings I do, and you can too!

I especially liked how they mentioned that it's a myth that coupons are only good towards "junk" stuff. There are MANY organic coupons these days.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walgreens 3-7

Total Cost: $1.48
Here is how it worked:
2 Gillette Body Wash, on sale for $4.49, buy one get one 50% off
2 Gillette Deodorant, on sale for $4.49, buy one get one 50% off
2 Listerine Pocket Packs, on sale for $3.33 each or 3 for $9
1 Listerine mouth wash, on sale for $3.33 each or 3 for $9

I used (2) Buy 1 Gillette Body wash, get a free deoderant coupons and (1) $4 off 2 Gillette body wash coupons. Combined with the buy one get one 50% off sale, this brought my total for 4 Gillette products down to 49 cents.

There was a Walgreens coupon in the flyer for $5.01 off 3 Listerine products. Then I used 3 $1 off one manufacturer's coupons. This brought the total down to 99 cents for 3 Listerine products.

*Hint: you can combine manufacturer coupons with Walgreens coupons! You can do this with almost any store, including CVS, Target, Walmart, Rite Aid, along with most grocery stores too.

My total cost here was $1.48, normally I don't spend money on mouth wash/body wash / deodorant, I wait until I can get it for free. However I had some register rewards that I had to use today (they were expiring), so that's why I took advantage of this very cheap deal.

Monday, March 8, 2010

FAQ #1: "But I Don't Usually Buy That!"

I'm surprised that so many people have viewed this blog so far! Thank you for checking out my little "corner."

You may have looked at some of my recent posts and thought "I would never use all that" or "My family doesn't eat that particular product" or "Well that's all great for you, but since I'm not going to buy that stuff, that kind of savings doesn't apply to me."

I get that a lot. And I used to think that myself.

There is no way, my family would consume the 50+ containers of frosting I've picked up in the last 2 weeks. (If we did, there would be other issues!) Sure, we'll use some - they're great to have on hand for spur-of-the-moment get-together's and quick recipe planning, but I will donate the majority of them.

What if you could get paid to buy stuff? Or essentially bring a bunch of things home for free and then get a little extra incentive thrown in that you could use towards things your family uses, like produce and meats, things that you don't usually see a lot of coupon savings towards. Would you do it?

I'm sure most of you would. That's the kind of savings I am able to get. That is why I bring home 50 cans of frosting. Last week, I made a profit off buying that frosting, along with numerous other items. So along with getting free frosting, I earned money that I can apply to the other grocery products that my family needs and that you don't frequently see coupons for - meats, produce, etc. Not to mention it's a great feeling to donate things to others, to your local food bank, church, etc. You won't always have opportunities to get money back, but free is excellent too!

My average weekly grocery bill to feed my family of 5, including "Target/Walmart" things, such as cleaning supplies, paper products, diapers, medicine, personal hygiene items, etc. is $50-$60. A big portion of that is for fruits & vegetables because my family eats a lot of produce.

On an occasion, I'll spend extra for stocking up. For example: in early January, I spent around $100 at Shaws in one week, something I never do. But I came home with 25 large bottles of Tide, 40+ boxes of Tampax tampons, over 60 Crest toothpaste, 30+ Dawn, 10 Cascade, 30+ bottles of Pantene shampoo, conditioner, stylers, not to mention cleaning supplies, like Mr Clean Erasers, and more. Was it worth it? I think so.

I shop in bulk; when something goes on sale - and it has to be within a range I will pay, usually free or extremely cheap, depending on the item - I stock up. I have well over 50 boxes of cereal in my barn (where we store everything.) I keep them stocked by their expiration dates and we use them up that way. That also helps me to donate things; if I know we won't use something up before it "expires," I can donate it.

With this method of shopping & planning ahead, I really only need to buy perishable items on any given week; bread, milk, produce, lunch meats, etc. because I already have everything else. It takes some planning & organization and it really is a completely different way of grocery shopping, but it works.

My husband thought it was hilarious the other day when I mentioned that I wouldn't pay 25 cents for toothpaste. It's too expensive. I never pay for toothpaste. Ever. If I see a sale at CVS where you pay $3 for a toothpaste and get $2 back and I have a 75 cents off coupon (so it would cost a quarter), that is too expensive for me and I won't do it. I get free toothpaste & mouthwash & floss from Walgreens, CVS, and Shaw's all the time. Many times, I get money back. Those are just a few items I get for free, there are many, many more - body wash, deodorant, razors, lotion, medicine, etc.

All that being said, there's the potential to do a lot more than I do. I know of some people who donate hundreds of bags to food banks and send weekly boxes to troops overseas with all the free stuff they get. Isn't that amazing? I would love to do that one day, but for now, I'm doing all I can.

On the other hand, I know it's overwhelming to think about all this if you're new to couponing. You don't have to coupon on the scale that I do. I didn't get here overnight. I've been couponing for 6+ years now and have learned gradually. Give yourself a break and start out small. I'll post some basic tips soon - check those out when you can.

Thanks again for checking my little site out! Come back soon!


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shaws 3-7:

*12 cans of Hunts diced tomatoes
*24 packages of Kraft shredded cheese
*10 Danimals yogurt
*5 Ritz Crackers
*2 Oreos
*23 Crest toothpaste
*1 box of bakery cupcakes for $3.69 (not pictured)

Total Out of Pocket: $4.42
Total Savings: $235.01
Percentage Saved: 98%

I used $85.50 in catalinas, but I earned another $80 in catalinas. So based on this, my total cost would be: $9.92.

Shaws 3-5

*10 boxes of Nabisco Cheese Nips
*3 Nabisco Ritz Crackers
*3 Danimals yogurts (1 not pictured)
*4 Hunt's ketchup
*6 Rotel tomatoes
*1 Reddi Whip
*4 bags of avocados, total of 16 avocados
*15 Crest toothpaste
*2 Polar seltzers
*19 packages of Kraft shredded cheese - I goofed and accidentally grabbed an extra one, if I hadn't my total would have been $1.99 cheaper!

Total Out of Pocket: $3.25
Total Savings: $199.07
Percentage Saved: 98%
I used $62.50 in catalinas from last week's sales, but I earned another $50 in catalinas. So based on this, my total cost would be: $15.75

Monday, March 1, 2010

Shaws 3-1

*50 boxes of Fiber One Bars
*20 Betty Crocker cookie mixes
*12 boxes of Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mixes
*8 Betty Crocker frosting
*19 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
*4 Betty Crocker cake mixes
*1 Wheaties cereal
*2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
*1 Orbit gum

Total Out of Pocket: $14.43
Total Saved: $337.46
Percentage Saved: 96%

Plus I earned an additional $28 in catalinas to use on future orders, that means a profit of $13.57 for this shopping trip! That's in addition to the $35 in catalinas that I already had/rolled, so I now have $63 in catalinas!

Shaw's 2-28

*6 Nature Valley Nut Clusters
*12 Betty Crocker frosting
*4 boxes of Betty Crocker muffin mix
*2 boxes Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie mixes

Total Out of Pocket: $1.41
Total Saved: $62.30
Percentage Saved: 98%