Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Coupons

I didn't really mention online coupons when I talked about Couponing 101, so I will do it here.
Most manufacturers offer online printable coupons these days. You can usually print out around 2 copies per coupon.

Here are some of my favorite place to visit for online coupons:
Smart Source
Betty Crocker
Campbell's Kitchen
Right at Home (they don't always have coupons, but sometimes they do have good ones)
Target Coupons - some are Target Q's (meaning you can combine them with a MQ) and others are MQs

There are many more out there, so do a search for your favorite brand, and see what you can find!

One of my go-to favorites is A Full Cup Coupon Search - Printables
There you can do a search for your favorite brand and they will direct you to where you can print the coupon! It's not 100% accurate, sometimes a particular coupon is no longer available, etc. but overall it has been invaluable to me and one of my favorite sites.

Some tips:
1) Make sure you plan on using the coupon, or you will waste printer ink & paper!
2) You should have an option to set your printer to "economical." If you can, do this because it will save a lot of ink.
3) Some of the websites have you put in a zipcode. Try yours, but also try some other zipcodes (think 90210, etc.) Different parts of the country often might have better valued coupons than your zipcode - and yes, you can print them too!



  1. That site is what I went on and I must be doing something wrong.
    1. first I checked the coupons I wanted.
    2. then I clicked process
    3. it said coupons are in my ISO list (In search of list.
    4. went to that list and WHAT do I do next? Do I contact seller?
    Please if you can,go step by step. Thank you so much. By the way, I have been using CVS extra care bucks and saving better at Target. Heidi

  2. Heidi, try this:
    Do not check the select option (I've never done that, I'm not exactly sure what that's for) - right click on the name of the coupon and open in a new tab/window.
    Hopefully that will work. Let me know!

    Great job with CVS & Target! :)

  3. Okay, so right click doesn't work. The good news is the when I double, left click a coupon appears. Here is my new question, the coupon shows the bar code written in number form only, Have you used these at the stores? Do they work? Which stores have taken them Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreens and or food stores? Thank you so much Erika for helping me with this, Heidi

  4. FYI, In the printable section, under coupon type some say found in package, tearpad, printable, etc. the ones that say printable lets you right click it. The ones that say something else lets you double left click and a coupon appears with the bar code written in numerical form only.

  5. Heidi, I thought the link I posted automatically displayed only the "printable" coupons - that would explain a lot. Oops! Stores will only take "printable" coupons, not just number bar codes.

    So when looking for "printable coupons," make sure you select "Printable" from the "Coupon Type" box and then do your search.